An Animation Based On “Silent Hill” Video Game Franchise

Info:  A 2nd year animation based on one of the greatest survival horror game series – “Silent Hill”. The idea was to produce a walkthrough which would present a few locations in the series style. The animation meant to consist of two opposing and contrasting parts. The first one meant to be nostalgic, calm, empty (of any creatures). The second part meant to be much darker: a nightmare, restlessness, tension, fright, noise. A sinister and sick world covered in blood, rust and guts. Only the second part meant to be scary. I thought that a good idea would be to emphasise the contrast between the worlds by using different tones of colours. So the dominant colour of the first part is blue, while the alternative world would be tinted with warm colours (red, orange, brown and yellow). Unfortunately, due to a lack of time, I did not manage to create the second part. Perhaps in future… “Ephebopus365” was my previous nickname, this is why it is present in the intro.

The animation is a tribute to all old school survival horror games!

Software:  3ds Max (Mental Ray), Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects