Arch Vis With Elements Of The Japanese Design

Info:  A 3rd year project which was my very first attempt to produce a realistic looking architectural visualisation. I was trying to create something less common, more stylised and extraordinary, yet still easily recognisable. I decided to combine a contemporary, modern design with elements of the Oriental style – Japanese, to be more precise. The scene consists of a kitchen, a dining room and a living room – all merged into one room.

Software:  3ds Max (Mental Ray), Photoshop


The Japanese design adapts a mind-set of Zen principles: calm, clear and open state of mind. It is minimal both in terms of number as well as appearance – less is more and the effect should be a calming one.


Each of the objects has a certain meaning and its application. Furniture must be irresistible in its natural beauty which does not hide under the superfluous decoration. Simplicity of geometric lines and shapes, and spaciousness – open space, low tables and other objects, pillows instead of chairs.


Natural lighting is a key in Japanese design. Any space should feel as open as possible, so translucent partitions called Shoji screens are a popular way to divide a room or provide privacy. Sunlight easily diffuses through Shoji screens and they work well in covering unsightly window views without dampening any natural lighting.