Collaboration Project: Lamborghini Gallardo & The Concert Hall

Info:  A collaboration project produced together with Piotr Błaszkiewicz, a freelance photographer whose main interests are cars. The idea was to combine a 3D model of a car and a real photo with the aim of creating a highly realistic image. The building in the background is the Concert Hall located in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland.

Software:  3ds Max (Mental Ray), Photoshop


Tasks division:

  • pre-production  –  CGSpider & Piotr Błaszkiewicz
  • photography (background and spherical images)  –  Piotr Błaszkiewicz
  • modelling  –  CGSpider
  • texturing  –  CGSpider
  • lighting  –  CGSpider
  • staging  –  CGSpider
  • rendering  –  CGSpider
  • post-production  –  Piotr Błaszkiewicz
  • final decisions  –  CGSpider & Piotr Błaszkiewicz

Click here to see the wireframe of the car.

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